Accordion-folded underlay QUICK PUZZLE 3mm

Color: Orange
Vendor code: ПГП
Unit of measurement: m2
Number in the box: 18 packs
General characteristics: Product types such as “According-folded+PUZZLE underlay” allows providing easy jointing and quick installation
Fabric thickness: 3 mm
Canvas size, area: 1050*5000 mm
Release Form: accordion-folded
The width of the step / sheet: 250 mm
Number m2 per bundle: 5,2 m2
Box: 1070*505*550 mm
    Sound insulation 20 dB / Thermal resistivity 0,08 m2*K/W / Maximum load 9 t/m2 / Sub-floor levelling 2,2 mm / Air circulation /

Series: Material: XPS.
For installation of underlay, we recommend using a metallized adhesive tape Solid Aqua Stop