Composite polymer underlay DomoFlex ENERGY

Composite polymer underlay DomoFlex ENERGY 19.06.2019
We represent you our new product:
Composite polymer underlay DomoFlex ENERGY

Suitable for infrared heating systems

4 in 1:

1.       Vapour barrier
2.       Integrated adhesive tape and overlap
3.       Underlay
4.       Metallized layer

Heat-reflecting properties due to metallized layer

Higher vapour barrier properties

-          Three-layer composite material each layer in which carries out its own function:
            The upper layer prevents moisture penetration
            In the middle layer there are improving ventilation polystyrene spheres due to which the underlay has sound insulation properties and higher loads resistance
            The bottom layer is a metallized layer due to which the underlay has improved vapour barrier and heat-reflecting properties;
-          Special overlap and integrated adhesive tape provide sealed joint between sheets.
Protects from moisture and mould

DomoFlex Energy underlay construction provides ventilation between base and flooring, removes technological or accidentally appeared moisture from there. The materials and ventilation under flooring space do not make conditions for bacteria existence and development.

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