Effective interfloor sound insulation – “Bezshumka”

Effective interfloor sound insulation – “Bezshumka” 22.07.2020
The most important criterion for choosing of apartment in new buildings was named By survey of buyers of new flats was defined that the main key to successful sales is qualitative interfloor sound insulation. Solid factory offers easy and economic decision to constructors  - effective interfloor sound insulation – “bezshumka”

Advantages of bezshumka:

  • Suitable thickness
  • Low weight
  • High indicator of sound insulation
  • Possibility to use the product in both ways – 5 and 10 mm – due to special design of the product as a book
  • Convenience and speed of installation
  • Economy of materials due to the book-form of the product
  • Possibility to cover any areas
  • High quality of the product provided by ongoing testing of the raw materials and ready goods
  • Attractive price and any possible volume 
  • Short delivery terms in case of agreed timetable in advance

Bezshumka 5mm (1.2*2)m*0.8m, turquoise
Dimension of the product in full size : 2.4*0.8m * 5mm
Dimension of the product in folded type: 1.2*0.8m*10mm
One piece: 1.92 m2, one euro-pallet: 90 pieces
Euro-pallet/m2: 172.8 m2

Scheme of floating  flooring system:
1. Floor covering
2. Solid underlay
3. Vapor barrier tape Solid base+
4. Concrete screed
5. Armature
6. Bezshumka

If you have any questions regarding purchasing the product please contact your responsible manager

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