Novelties of flooring skirting UHD series

Dear partners!

We are glad to offer you our novelties of flooring skirting UHD seri! 

Flooring skirting UHD 01/80.

UHD 01-80.jpg
Dimensions: 12х80 mm

Available length: 2m and 2,4 m. 

Quantity per pack – 11 pcs.

Flooring skirting UHD 04/120.
UHD 04-120_.jpg04.jpg

Dimensions: 15х120 mm
Available length: 2,4 m. 
Quantity per pack – 6 pcs.

 And also you can order flooring skirting UHD 05/80.
UHD 05-80_.jpg05-80.jpg

Dimensions: 13х80 mm
Available length: 2m и 2,4 m. 
Quantity per pack – 12 pcs.

Waterproof flooring skirting for painting from impact-resistant polystyrene allows you to suit design of any room because the color of the skirting you can choose by yourself. Multiple painting is possible. 

 In addition we offer you to order mounting glue in tube Solid Professional.

Please contact your responsible manager to order our novelties. 

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